City Officials


2019 Officials  

Picture: Back row (left to right): Keven Schneider, Kirk Larson, Emily Bauman,  Bruce Lundy;

Front Row: Kelly Jones, Don Dillman, Beth Kar, Pam Kessler, 

City Officials:

Kirk Larson, Mayor 660-254-1340

Jerry Baker, East Ward Alderman (816) 324-0105

Kelly  Jones, West Ward Alderman (816) 888-4551

Keven Schneider, West Ward Alderman (816) 244-4636

Pam Kessler, East Ward Alderman (816) 261-4781

Bruce Lundy, City Administrator/Police Captain (816) 324-7503 or (816) 390-0977

Beth Kar, City Clerk (816) 324-7502

Emily Bauman, City Attorney (816) 294-6590


Council meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.  If a holiday falls on a Monday, meetings are normally the next day on Tuesday.